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    » Our Founders

    On May 23, 1941, Cross Temple Church of God in Christ opened its doors for the first time.  It was the dream and the mission of its founder, Elder Moses Cross, Sr.  this first church was raised in humble surrounding at 652 E. 43rd Street, a store front.  The original membership, although modest in size, was strong in faith, blessed and determined to do the Lord’s work.

    founders-crossBlessed and growing, Cross Temple outgrew its first home and moved to 619 East 40th Street, a factory building which had been revealed to the Pastor’s wife, Sister Priscilla Cross in a dream.  The building was adapted for church worship, living quarters for the Pastor, his family and other church members.  Purchased October 1, 1944, this building was paid for by May 1, 1947.  Cross Temple in time became noted for its tent services where many souls were saved and filled with Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  The church was honored by a visit at a tent service by Bishop C. H. Mason, founder of the Church of God in Christ.  In 1947 CHA purchased the land for redevelopment and the church was forced to move.

    The next blessing was the third church home at 6730 S. Wentworth.  This building was larger, more modern and was remodeled to accommodate the church’s needs.  This church became well-known for its Friday night spirit-filled services.  The Lord continued to bless the membership and the church was able to burn a $10,000 mortgage.  In 1964, an urban renewal project purchased the land causing the church to once more relocate.

    The fourth home, a huge Masonic Temple at 6729 S. Yale, proved to be the most challenging.  However, the church renovated a portion of this building and adapted it for worship.  At this home, the church developed its radio ministry that allowed the messages of salvation to be carried to communities around Chicago.  Cross Temple continued to be blessed.  Once again urban renewal bought the land that necessitated another move.

    This time the church’s blessing was found at 9100 South Bishop.  God had given Cross Temple a beautiful edifice in a stable middle class community.  This architecturally pleasing building with its high wood beamed ceiling, stained glass windows, spacious grounds, a sanctuary and overflow that accommodated a combined seating capacity of 750.  Elder Moses Cross, Sr., led the church in paying off the $235,000 mortgage in just five years!  Through the years, Cross Temple became one of the strong, loyal building blocks of the First and Fifth Jurisdictions.  In 1985, Elder Moses Cross Sr. was consecrated to the sacred office of Bishop and remained the pastor of the church until his death on June 22, 1986.


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